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CRP Payment Purchase Transaction Required Document
We can start the process of reviewing your transaction when all of the following required documents are received.

Required Documents Checklist

1. Completed Application Online and submitted (or printed from below and completed).
    Download an MS Word document or a simple text

2. Completed Authorization.
    Download an MS Word document

3. Farmer Personal Documents.

A) Personal Financial Statement (Download or print it!)
B) Copy of lease (if applicable)
C) Recorded copies of Warranty Deed to owner of the land (from the courthouse)
D) Copy of most recent county real estate tax invoice, or tax bill, for each CRP parcel
E) Copy of front pages of most recent tax return

Please get all the required documents indicated above and mail them to:

Heartland Capital Funding, Inc
4385 Fountain Hills Drive NE Suite 201
Prior Lake, MN 55372

Or fax them toll free at: 1.952.358.3644

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4385 Fountain Hills Drive NE Suite 201 | Prior Lake, MN 55372 | Phone: 952.229.8285 | Toll Free: 800.897.9825 | Fax: 952.358.3644