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Procedures to sell your future CRP payments.

Heartland Capital Funding, Inc. provides present value lump-sum payments for your remaining CRP Payments.

The Benefits
This new program allows farmers and ranchers the flexibility to sell their long-term contract payments for a discounted lump-sum payment. As operating capital is desired for new financial priorities such as new buildings and equipment, farm expansion or reducing debt, you now have the option to sell your future payments.

The Process to purchase your Future CRP Payments:

  1. Provide us your total annual CRP payment information. We can purchase up to 100% of your remaining annual payments. You have the flexibility on how many remaining years of CRP payments you want to sell.
  2. Heartland Capital Funding, Inc. will prepare a written offer for your consideration. Our web site www.CRPQuote.com provides on-line quotes that you can print or e-mail.
  3. If you accept our offer, we will need a completed application and all of the required documents we list on our check list.
  4. After satisfactory review of submitted documents, we send out a contract and assignment of payments form.
  5. The Farm Service Agency will be forwarded the necessary documents required for their acknowledgment.
  6. After the Farm Service Agency has acknowledged the assignments and all conditions to close have been met, the funds will wired to your bank account.
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