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Landowners, ranchers and farmers all across the country can get a CRP quote for their upcoming CRP payments and CREP payments.

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We offer a confidential and instant CRP quote for anyone who has remaining CREP payments or CRP payments that they wish to sell. Trust the best CREP payment buyer that you can find anywhere.

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Cash paid for your remaining annual CRP payments

Since 1997, Heartland Capital Funding, Inc. has offered landowners, ranchers and farmers a convenient lump-sum buy-out of future Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) payments or Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) payments. Many participants are not aware that the smaller annual payments can be combined for a larger amount of cash for immediate use.

Heartland has been the pioneer for this service and has funded hundreds of transactions. With over 20 years of experience in the business, we know how to provide our clients the personal, efficient and confidential service they expect.

Our offers are the highest in the industry

At Heartland, all we do is buy future CRP payments and CREP payments. The principle investors, Mark and Suzanne Wallskog, deal directly with each client from the offer to the funding of the transition. By eliminating the “middle man” or broker, we are able to make offers that are significantly higher than other companies.

We make it simple and convenient to get an instant offer. There is no obligation! Use the CRP Quote Express to the left or call (800) 897-9825 to learn what the present value of your payments is.